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Monday, April 21, 2008

And How Many Servings Was That?

Like most Americans the guys on my shift, myself included, are trying to reduce out waste size. In this attempt we spend at least an hour each day in physical fitness training. The problem is that we also enjoy eating. Eric is a great cook so we quite often eat more than we should. This last week though, Brett (aka Mongo) out did us all. One night he was hungry so he decided to eat a bowl of cereal. Instead of eating one of the semi healthy cereals (like plain Cheerios) he decided to get a huge bowl of Fruit Loops. Eric and I quickly started to make comments about Mongos choice of cereals, size of bowl, and lack of exercise that day. We figured out that he was eating over a half pound of sugar! Brett was quite astonished when I pulled out a measuring cup and showed him exactly how much one serving actually was. Immediately after finishing his bowl he went for a jog on the tread mill.

Nutritional information for Fruit Loops.

Equivalent of one serving.

Eric taunting Brett with a little more than a half pound of brown sugar while Brett tries to run off the Fruit Loops.

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Reena said...

For all the unhealthy habits my parents instilled in me, I have to give them credit for giving me the addiction to healthy cereals. I hate sweet cereals and never eat them. And now I'm glad!! Half a cup of sugar!!!!

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