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Monday, April 14, 2008

A Lazy Week

So this last shift was a slow one. So what do we do when there is nothing much going on you ask.

Well, on Thursday we watched training videos, did station projects, helped Engineer Griffith's study for Mt. SAC, helped our firefighter apprentice study for his National Registry EMT exam, and we ate pretty well (enchiladas). We also ran one call for a domestic dispute. Turns out that the patient had just been knocked to the ground but she couldn't get back up without help. We sat her in her chair and let MBA deal with the paperwork.

Friday morning we got up at our normal our (about 0700) and had breakfast. By 0830 it was very apparent that all of us were still extremely tired (possibly due to the weather changing) and it was decided that we seeded a safety nap. So we got up at noon. I know, rough life. We then had lunch and helped everyone study. That night we ate well again (salmon, muscles, and asparagus).

On Saturday we ate breakfast at one of our few local restaurants, had a girls softball team wash the engine, cleaned the station, watch some more training videos (which included comparing and contrasting an episode of Emergency to how we do things today in the fire service), had a small lunch, had steak and potatoes for dinner, watched a movie and went to bed.

What we really wanted the entire time was a good call.

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SteveP said...

What's your number? I'll call from Centerville. Getting here and back should keep you from having to nap the time away.

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