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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Possible 5150

We received a call for a possible 5150 (medical terminology for a person that is either a danger to themselves, others, or is gravely disabled). Because of the nature of this call we were told to stage and wait for PD to arrive. while responding dispatch let us know that there was another call in our area, this one for shortness of breath. We decided to divert to this call and let Engine 3586, from Yucca Valley, take the initial call.

Our patient ended up being an 18 year old girl that had just had a argument and broken up with her boyfriend (assumption on my part). She was just having an anxiety attack and with some oxygen and some calm words she mellowed out. By the time that the ambulance got there she was doing OK. We sent her to the hospital to get checked out anyways because she felt like hurting herself.

We cleared that call in time to meet up with Engine 3586, who was still staging for the initial call. We decided to respond with them just in case a medic was needed (3586 is a BLS engine). Turns out it was an old lady with dementia problems that no longer recognized her caretaker. When he would come over and check on her she would flip out. We sent her in to get checked out as well.
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