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Friday, April 25, 2008

A Call!

We (Eric, Jason , and myself) actually had a call today where we were not canceled. The call came in around 1100 for a woman with cardiac problems. We pulled up and grabbed our stuff. As we made our way to the front door Eric yelled, "Get in the house quick! There are dogs coming!!" Unfortunately the door was locked. Fortunately for me I had Eric between me and the dogs. Fortunately for him the dogs were all bark and no bite.

Our patient had a very significant cardiac history (she had had one bypass surgery already and was waiting for an operating room slot to open up for the next surgery) and was experiencing sever chest pain with shortness of breath. We gave her some oxygen, aspirin, and some nitroglycerin which helped a little with the pain. We had her on the monitor and we were unable to start an IV with 2 attempts (one by each medic on scene) By then MBA was on scene so we let their paramedic intern take over. We quickly loaded the patient up and sent her on her way. I bet that she gets her bypass now.


Reena said...

Dude. that just gave me the bestest idea ever. Next time I'm in the mood to be groped I'll just feign some chest pains and call the paramedics. Maybe I could figure out how to stop breathing long enough to get 'em to give me mouth to mouth!


Except for that whole nitroglycerine thing. I'd imagine it wouldn't react too well to me if I didn't really need it.

Firefighter/Paramedic said...

The most common reaction to Nitroglycerin is a bad headache, that is unless you're taking sexually enhancing drugs. Then it bottom outs your blood pressure making you pass out.

As for holding your breath to get mouth to mouth, with your luck it'd be one really ugly EMT (with halitosis)that got to do the mouth to mouth.

Reena said...


blech. yeeauugh.


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