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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fire Explorer

At station 461 we have a small fire explorer program. It's kind of like boy scouts but they get to learn about the fire service. One of the more exciting things that the boys get to do is a ride along. This last Saturday one of our explorers spent the day with us. Unfortunately we didn't get any calls but he did get to train with us. We got him all dressed up in turnouts and a BA (breathing apparatus) and taught him how to tag the hydrant (process of connecting the engine to the closest hydrant to the fire). Being 14, Cory, our explorer did not quite have the enthusiasm for training that we thought he should have. The punishment this time was quick and wet. While he was on his knees connecting a hose to the hydrant, Mongo grabbed our 1 3/4 line from the other side of the engine and sprayed him. It was amazing how quick he could move when properly motivated. At least he was in turnouts so he wasn't soaked all the way through.

Here is a photo of a couple of our explorers at a fund raising event the had. The one not in costume is the one that we soaked.

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