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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Bet

We are now going on hikes every day so we can be in better shape for the fire season. On Thursday and Friday we did the hikes in all our brush gear except our hose packs (we're working up to those). On Friday, Ashley (the new guy) was offered $50 (by Craig) if he could go straight up the mountain side to our stopping point in under 15 minutes. The record is 8 minutes. He tried but finished the climb in 23 minutes. On Saturday I was feeling pretty good so I put on the hose pack. As we started the hike, Craig offered me $30 if I could do the same thing. I told him that he was crazy since I have a hose pack. He then offered me $30 to make it up in 20 minutes. I took him up on the offer and made it in 19 minutes. He still hasn't paid and I doubt that he will. I was still impressed that I made it.

You can see the trail on the lower right. I came straight up the mountain from that trail.

The tired hiker. The fire engine is on the dirt road in the background right by my left wrist.
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