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Thursday, May 29, 2008

He Did It Again!

Thursday morning my phone rang again, not very remarkable. The remarkable thing is that for the third week in a row, junior made a run for the engine at the sound of my ring tone.


Sadie said...

Hey Kip,

So, I found your blog becuase I know Jenni Nelson, who knows Tom, who has you on his blog list. I like your blog becuase I used to fight fire and I love the medical field so it is interesting to me.

I hope its okay that I check your stories out. Since I have a kid (soon to be kids) I don't get to fight fire anymore... but I still have it in my blood. :)

Firefighter/Paramedic said...

I don't mind at all. I'm glad that you enjoy my blog. I was just trying to figure out how you found me. Where did you used to be a firefighter?

Sadie said...

I worked for the BLM for two summers in Idaho while I was going to college. A great summer job... and now any time I see smoke, it hurts that I can't get my gear on and go have some fun. :) Thanks again for your entertaining stories.

Oh, and here is a question, how do you find out who checks out your blog? I didn't know you could do that. It would be cool to see.

Firefighter/Paramedic said...

I know a couple of guys trying to get a BLM spot full time. My department works pretty closely with CalFire (formerly CDF), San Bernardino County Fire, BLM, and the USFS. We just had another spot fire in our district. We've had two major forest in the past two years so we are a little jumpy.

If you look at the bottom of my blog there is a site meter that says how many visitors I have had. It is free and it has a bunch of information such as the referring web site, location of the visitor, time of the visit, how many pages they viewed, and how long they were on your site. Check it out at

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