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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cat Stuck Up A...Power Pole

A woman stopped by the station and reported that she had found a cat up the power pole in her yard. She didn't know to whom the cat belonged or how long it had been up there. She was worried that the cat would not be able to climb down (I almost told her that gravity works on cats too). Craig decided that we should at least go and check out the situation. When we got there we found a fat cat on a power pole. Eric and I wanted to just leave a can of tuna at the bottom of the pole and let the cat come down on its own but Craig decided he wanted to save the day. So we put up the ladder and he went up and got the cat...sort of.

Cat on the pole.

Our hero preparing to go in for the rescue.

The cat is even more scared now that we put a ladder right next to it.

Here our hero approaches the cat. You can hear that the cat is a little nervous about the situation.

Here the cat decides that it doesn't want to be rescued. If you listen carefully you can hear Craig say ouch just before the cat drops. The cat clawed his face and he came down bleeding. He wouldn't let me get a picture of the carnage. As he comes down the ladder you can hear him say, "Oh well, the cat's down."
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