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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rookie Mistakes

Last Thursday we got together around the table and introduced ourselves to the rookie. After a brief get to know you session we were ready to begin training. Eric asked the rookie what he had for breakfast. When he responded that he had had a donut the immediate question was where is ours? He didn't have an answer. At lunch the rookie refused ice cream. We then questioned whether he would prefer ice cream or donuts. He said donuts. During the day it came out that he has asthma and is bothered by smoke. We put 1+1+1 together and came up with the answer. He likes donuts more than ice cream, thinks only of himself (didn't get donuts for everyone) and doesn't like smoke. He's not a firefighter, he's a COP!!

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Reena said...

okay the crap did he get hired onto a FD with asthma? That's like putting an alcoholic in charge of bartending a party.

More importantly, is he cute?

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