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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Medic Engine 461 Move Up

At 0540 on Saturday morning we woke up to our tones. We were told to move up to San Bernardino County Fire Station 121 in Yucca Valley for coverage. We were the only medic engine for the communities of Morongo and Yucca Valleys. All the other units were on a structure fire (where we would rather have been). There was a reserve Medic Ambulance that was still in the area that was to respond with us. At about 0630 we received a call for a woman with vaginal bleeding. Medic Ambulance 121R (the R is for reserve) beat us on scene by just a couple of seconds. It makes my job a lot easier when all I have to do is assist the ambulance paramedic. At a little after 0730 we were released from coverage and came home. The division chief from San Bernardino County Fire thanked us for our time and we went home. Hopefully this means that they'll be utilizing us more often.

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Quest said...

For some reason that woman makes the same call every month. Odd.

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