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Monday, May 12, 2008

Vehicle Rollover

At about 1030 Saturday night we got a call for a single vehicle rollover. Dispatch also informed us that the driver had self extricated which usually means it's a non injury accident. We arrived on scene to find a car its side precariously balanced. The driver was a 20 year old male and he was intoxicated. We checked him out and he was alright. He had a small scratch on he head but that was all. He informed us that he did not want to go to the hospital. At this point the fire marshal told his mom (who had just arrived on scene) that if the kid didn't go to the hospital that he would be going to jail. Amazing, the kid decided to go to the hospital. That meant more paper work for me. CHP showed up, had him take a breathalyser test (blew a 0.162) and arrested him for DUI. The then released him to us. As we put him on a backboard a bottle of beer fell out of his pocket. Sure he wasn't drinking. After sending him to the hospital we had to sit around and make sure everything was safe with the vehicle. It was dripping a little bit of fuel so we pulled a hose line and waited for the tow truck. Once he got there we watched as he unsuccessfully tried to upright the vehicle without rolling it onto its roof. It was fun to watch.

The driver crawled out his window. He's lucky that the car didn't roll on top of him.

Medic Engine 461 all lit up with the bumper line deployed.

View from the engine.

Sorry about the noise, I'm next to the fire engine. Here the tow truck driver tried to right the car without rolling it.
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