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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Marines Wreck Again

On Sunday afternoon we got a call for a vehicle over the side. While we were responding dispatch told us that the vehicle was 300 feet over the edge and not visible from the highway. In reality the vehicle was about 10 feet off the highway, on its roof, but perfectly visible from the highway. The marines that were driving in the car were standing on the shoulder of the highway. Turns out that they were speeding down the Morongo grade in their 1988 Ford Thunderbird and lost control in one of the turns. The spun out, slammed backwards into the center divider, slid down the center divider for almost a half mile, then went off the right side of the highway and flipped the car. They both crawled out. Their only complaint was a small cut to the right side of the passengers head. We sent him to the hospital just to make sure that there was no glass still stuck on the wound. The funny part about this call was that the AMR ambulance (we were in Riverside county so we use them) that was initially responding broke down at the bottom of the grade. The second CHP unit lost his transmission at the top of the grade and coasted down to the call. So we had a flat bed tow truck for the rollover, a wrecker to get the rollover up to the highway, a tow truck for the CHP unit and a tow truck for AMR.
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