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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

100 Year Snow Morongo Valley

According to some of the residents that live in Morongo Valley last week we had the worst snow storm in 100 years. People that come from snowy areas scoff at us for making a big deal about a couple of feet of snow (actually only a couple of inches at the station) but to them I say ppllttthhllttt!!! We're not used to snow. I bet your not used to earthquakes either! so back off.

What is looked like from the station just before sunrise.

White Christmas anyone?

Typical. It's about 25 degrees out and we're both in shorts. That didn't last too long.

Engine 462 was out all night babysitting some downed power lines, that's why it's covered in snow

This shot of the Joshua Tree is for my mom. She loves 'em.

I liked the cactus semi covered in snow.

In this shot you can see Grant waiting for Edison to come repair the power lines.

The smoke you see is the power line trying to burn some brush even though there is snow everywhere.

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