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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Busy Day

The call came in just before noon for a woman laying in the dirt behind the All American gas station. We arrived to find the patient sitting on a bench in front of the gas station. She appeared to be about 40 years old and in much need of a shower. She also smelled of alcohol. We started talking to her and asking her questions. We soon discovered that she had no idea where she was at or what day it was. We got a quick set of vitals and checked her blood sugar. It was 36. Bingo. That's why she's confused. I quickly started a line on her and gave her an amp of D50W (IV sugar). By this time MBA was on scene and we loaded her up. Her next sugar check it was 236. Much better. According to the medic that transported her down to the hospital she started coming around nicely once we got the sugar levels up.

That afternoon we got toned out for a possible illegal burn. We found the house where the owner was burning some brush. He and his buddy had some conflicting stories about why they were doing it but they finally decided to go with the story that it was a BBQ fire. So Eric asked him why he was burning brush? Was is for the smoked flavor? Some people aren't too bright. We had the state engine come down and they ended up just giving them a verbal warning. While we were on scene for that call dispatch called us, "MedicEngine 461, we have a medical aid in your area, are you available for the call?" Off we go.

This call was for one of our more frequent flyer's. She has had some pretty major surgery on her digestive tract and often has abdominal pain with nausea and vomiting. She told us that it was the same thing as the last 7 times I've been to her place and that she would like to go down the hill to another hospital since her regular one is starting to get a little upset at her. Once MBA showed up we got her on her way. As we were putting the gurney into the ambulance dispatch called us again, "MedicEngine 461, we have another medical aid in your area, are you available to take the call?" Off we go, again.

This time it was for an unresponsive patient. We arrive to find the patient laying on her left side in bed in a very small trailer. She had a bunch of prescriptions that should have had more pills in them and she had multiple Fentanyl patches on her. She was only breathing about 8 times a minute with snoring respiration's. She also had pin point pupils. I had Tim drop in an OPA and start bagging her. I gave her 4 milligrams of Narcan IM and started a line. By then we had MBA on scene so we loaded her up and sent her to the hospital. This time we sent Tim along to help out. The transporting medic ended up intubating the patient. Damn it. Why can't I do that!!?! Oh yeah. I get to start the treatments and then go back home to dinner. I guess there is a trade off. I had to see if the Narcan was going to bring her out of it. All it did was bring her gag reflex back.
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