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Friday, December 26, 2008

Craig's First Seizure Patient

We got toned out at 2330 for a person having seizures. We arrived on scene to find the patient laying on the ground outside of her house in the arms of her husband. They told us that she has a history of seizures and that she had one tonight. The husband tried to catch her as she fell but she did hit her head. As I questioned her to determine if I needed to put a cervical collar on her she had another seizure. I quickly drew up the Versed but before I could administer it she stopped. Before she came out of this seizure she lapsed into another one. This time I gave her the Versed and stopped the seizure activity. We placed her on a backboard as a precaution since she was not able to answer my questions. We then sent her down the hill to DMRC (Desert Regional Medical Center). The next day Craig took the time to call me and tell me how amazing it was to watch me stop a seizure. He had never been on a seizure call with a paramedic and watched them stop one. He thought that was pretty cool. Every once in a while we paramedics get some respect. It's nice to be elevated above "needle sticking fairy" status once in a while.
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