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Friday, December 5, 2008

Child With a Facial Injury

The day before Halloween we got a call for a child with a head injury. When we got on scene we found a 2 year old girl that had fallen in the bath tub and gave herself a cut to the orbit of her left eye. By the time that we got there she had stopped bleeding. The dad admitted that he freaked out a little when he saw the blood in the bath water. Once I determined that my patient was more scared than anything I had Grant get some basic vitals while I went out to the engine. I grabbed one of the teddy bears that we have for pediatric patients and went back in. I gave her the bear and calmed her down. The parents ended up signing her out AMA and going down to the ER in their own vehicle. Their daughter started to cry when they tried to leave without her new bear. The next day they were among the first people to come by the station trick or treating. She hadn't needed any stitches after all.
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