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Monday, December 29, 2008

Plumber Van Goes Down the Drain

A man driving home in his plumber van blew a tire and he lost control. He ended up hitting the center divider and then sliding across the highway only to go nose first over the 20 foot drop into a dry river bed. The van tumbled and rolled eventually landing on its wheels. The man self extricated out the passenger side of the van and climbed up to the embankment. At the time he refused to go to the hospital.

Here are the skid marks going from the center divider to the edge of the highway.

The skid marks headed over the edge.

Here is where the van landed. You can see the divot in the ground (in the foreground) that his tire left.

From this angle the van doesn't seem so bad.

It's starting not to look so good. No airbags were deployed.

The drivers side.

Here is what the driver was looking at when he wrecked.

He was lucky that nothing in back came flying forward to injure him.

Here the tow truck driver is trying to figure out the best way to get the van out of the river bed.
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