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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ridge Fire

At about 2335 our tones went of with several others. "Medic Engine 461, Engine 3586, Engine 3560, respond for a possible vegetation fire on the Yucca grade, above the shooting range." As we got dressed we were thinking that we would be running on another wild goose chase. Turns out that the CalFire boys were thinking the exact same thing. As we turned right onto highway 62 we changed every one's mindset. "San Bernardino, Medic Engine 461, be advised, we have flames showing from station 1." We arrived on scene with the two CalFire engines and started a progressive hose lay. We had just under two acres on fire with steady 30 mph winds. We were very aggressive and got around In front of the fire. It was pretty amazing to stand in that wind and be outlined in embers. We had to use the hose to repel down part of the mountain but we managed to get it under control. A couple of hours after we got the blaze under control we had sustained 80 mph winds. We were really lucky to stop it.

This is the only shot I have of the fire. The orange blur above the street lights is the fire. My camera phone sucks for night shots.

The next day we went back to see what the terrain looked like in daylight. Grant is at the top of the burn area.

This shot is looking out overlooking the highway from the burn area.

Grant checking the roots to see if anything is still smoldering.

We couldn't tell how steep this was while we were fighting the fire. In daylight Grant and I refused to go down this cliff.

This is where our engine was during the fire.

Off in the distance you can make out the highway. This is where station 461 is located. The winds were pushing the fire straight at Morongo Valley.


Me again.

This is the type of terrain that burned.
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