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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Night Tummy Ache

On Christmas we had our families come up to have dinner with us. That night, at just before 0200, we got toned out for abdominal pain. We arrived on scene to find the patient laying in bed. She was a 32 year old female complaining of severe right upper quadrant abdominal pain. She said that the pain started just after she ate dinner and that it radiated to her right shoulder. The patient had been seen in the Hemet Valley Medical Center about four months ago and was diagnosed with gallstones. She was told to make an appointment with her primary care physician which she failed to do. We checked out all her vitals and started a line. I then contacted my base hospital and got an order for 10 milligrams of Morphine. Before I got off the phone MBA showed up so I gave them the order and sent them on their way to Desert Regional. The entire time I was there I kept thinking of my Pop who let his gall bladder burst before going to the ER. Even then, he didn't call 911. Oh well.
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