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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Are You Available For Another Medical Aid?

Later in the day after we signed out our plumber, we were toned out for a man that was experiencing pain after a traffic collision. We arrived at the house of our plumber who was now complaining of severe pain on his left side. Captain proceeded to poke the patient in each individual rib until he found the one that was probably broken. He then marked the spot with his pain. While we were waiting for MBA dispatch called us on the radio and asked if we were able to respond to another call. We informed them that we were not and medic engine 121 was dispatched from Yucca Valley. After I had finished with my assessment I had Grant take all of the equipment out to the engine. As soon as MBA showed up I gave them a quick report and let dispatch know that we were available for the new call in our area.

We were dispatched for a possible CVA. When we arrived we found the patient sitting in the back room of his house. The house wreaked of feces, both cat and human. He stated that he was having a bowel movement when he passed out. When he awoke, he was unable to get up. He then spent the next hour calling for his wife who was taking a nap. Once she awoke she was able to move her husband into the back room but she wasn't able to get him to stand. Once we arrived the husband insisted that he was alright and that he just needed help standing. Once we checked him out we helped him stand. He was incredibly unsteady on his feet and we finally were able to talk him into going to the hospital to get checked out.
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